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About Mari

Mari has been a practicing artist, musician and educator for over 25 years.  She finds inspiration in life’s ephemera, her travels, and many of the juxtapositions discovered  in her everyday life, which is always an adventure.  


Mari has been creating art, music and mayhem for many years.   Mari works in a variety of media, including painting with hot bees wax (encaustic), using high gloss epoxy resins, and a variety of acrylic mediums and photo transfer processes. 

All of Mari’s artworks are made from the highest quality materials.   All of the encaustic (beeswax) medium is made by hand, and the paper ephemera and other objects are original.  Many of the old papers, objects,and pieces found in nature are a result of Mari’s travels.  Since Mari is also a professional photographer, many of the images used in the work are from personal collections.  For this reason, Mari can also customize artworks, using your own images, or you can arrange for Mari to take images for use in the works.

All the glass work is made with the highest quality dichroic glass, and is annealed in the kiln to prevent future breaking or fissures.   The dichroic glass will shift colour in the light, just as many of the artworks will, when seen in varying light sources, and from different angles.

Mari’s work is in private and corporate collections all over the world, and you may spot a number of celebrities wearing her glass jewelry on television.

For enquiries, please contact Mari at, or call 647-524-6400.

About Mari’s Artwork